Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Discover Hardwood Flooring and Design specializes in the restoration and refinishing of preexisting hardwood floors. Here are a few facts about the hardwood floor refinishing process that may aid in preparing for the project. Please contact us with any additional questions and we will be glad to discuss in further detail.

Discover Hardwood Flooring and Design is Rochester’s choice in dustless hardwood floor refinishing. We utilize the newest technology in dust containment. Our system incorporates the use of cyclonic Hepa filtration vacuum systems, providing a virtually dust free refinishing process. Whether refinishing and restoring preexisting hardwoods, or installing new custom site finished floors, our advanced equipment allows us to provide our customers with cleaner contracting services.

We currently offer a number of quality stains, and durable finishes depending on your personal needs. View more information >

When having your floors refinished you can count on a certain amount of odor associated with the floor finish and stain. Some finishes, such as Conversion Varnishes will require pets and humans to be absent from the premise while the products are being applied and during the initial dry time. Proper ventilation is key to returning to your home after your floors are complete. If you are looking for an eco-friendly finish, please ask about our Water Based/Bourne products.

Hardwood floor refinishing can be an aggressive process; we strongly recommend that painting be done after the floors are complete. There is also a certain amount of touch up painting that can be expected after the refinishing process has been completed, this typically occurs around door casings, base boards, and shoe moldings

All items in the rooms to be refinished need to be removed, as well as long curtains, vertical blinds, pictures and art from the walls. We also recommend removing items from kitchen counters. Typically the homeowner is responsible for removing and relocating furniture. If this is something that is not able to be completed by the homeowner, we can provide the names of a few local interior moving companies.

After the floors are complete, we recommend a minimum of 12-24 hours before light traffic on your freshly refinished floors. Over the next two weeks the finish will go through a curing process where it progressively hardens. Please visit our maintenance page for more care tips

Proper care, cleaning and preventative maintenance will add to the life of your freshly refinished floors. It is important to understand that all wood floors will eventually show signs of wear. Periodically buffing and recoating your floors is recommended, and should always be done by a professional. This process adds additional finish to the floors, prolonging the need to resand.

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