Regulating Interior Humidity Levels

cupping wood floors

Regulating Interior Humidity Levels:

Regulating interior humidity levels in your home will assure that your new or existing hardwood floors will respond and perform as they should. Wood floors are a naturally occurring product which structurally respond to heat and moisture. In the humid spring and summer seasons your hardwood floors will absorb moisture causing them to swell and expand. If your humidity levels are to high, you may experience cupping or buckling. Running a dehumidifier or utilizing central air conditioning can greatly reduce the risk of damage due to high humidity levels.

cupping wood floors

Just the opposite can take place in the cold winter months when we are heating our homes. Wood floors will typically dry out, shrinking slightly, causing minor visual gaps. Running a humidifier this time of year may help to reduce shrinking, as well as unsightly gaps in your floor.

gapping wood floors

It is important to understand that not all species of wood respond the same to heat and humidity, and that some are more stable then others. Minimal gaping can be expected during winter months and is completely normal. Here is an interesting article on the topic, describing in detail the effects humidity can have on wood floors.


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