Discover Hardwood Flooring and Design specializes in the installation of new hardwood floors. A new hardwood floor will add beauty and comfort to your home, while increasing the value of your property. Hardwood floors are also a durable and long lasting choice in new flooring. With the addition of a full service showroom, Discover Hardwood Flooring and Design offers the opportunity for a no pressure sales experience, paired with expert installation services. Whether a prefinished or custom site finished floor, our company looks to provide the highest quality in new hardwood installations. Our skilled technicians are trained in proper layout and installation methods. Owner, Luke Davis has over 17 years’ experience in hardwood floor installations, and offers expert consultation in choosing a new hardwood floor that will meet your needs and budget. Below is a description of the different types of hardwood floors available. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions related to hardwood installations or the different types of floors.

Site Finished Flooring

A site finished floor is typically a solid, unfinished product that is installed, then sanded and finished in your home to specification. This type of flooring is widely sought after, and allows for numerous color and finish options, as well as allowing for custom installations, such as borders, inlay, and accent work. Discover Hardwood Flooring and Design specializes in custom site finished floors.

Prefinished Flooring

A prefinished floor comes factory finished from the manufacture, already pre-stained and finished, ready for installation. This type of flooring has become a popular choice over the last 15 years and usually provides a quicker and cleaner installation process then a site finished floor. All prefinished floors come with a micro-bevel, which is a slight, 2 or 4 sided bevel around the edges of the board.

Engineered Flooring

An engineered floor is a solid veneer of real wood which has been adhered to plywood or multiple layers of composite woods. These types of flooring are made with interlocking tongue and groove systems, similar to site finished and prefinished floors. Engineered floors can either come prefinished or unfinished depending on the manufacturer and the overall thickness of the “wear layer” or solid veneer of real wood. These floors can be nailed, floated, or glued during the installation process. Engineered floors typically do not respond to moisture the same way solid floors do, allowing them to be used in applications where solids would normally be unsuitable, such as humid environments, basements, over concrete slabs, or installed over radiant heat.

Please visit or maintenance page for tips on how to properly care for your new hardwood floors.

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