Wood flooring is a resilient and renewable resource that has the ability to be repaired and refinished. Many times over the curse of a wood floors life there will be the need for minor or major repairs. These should always be handled by a hardwood floor professional.

Hardwood flooring is a naturally occurring resource, which responds to moisture and wear differently than most other types of flooring.

Typically repairs will be needed during water leaks, flooding, excessive damage from pets, environments where the humidity levels are not regulated or extreme wear and neglect. This will typically cause warping, cupping, buckling, scratching, bruising, discoloration and staining.

Depending on the severity of the damage, repairs can be made, followed by a complete refinishing if called for. Often the amount of labor and cost associated with making repairs will be determined by the extent of damage, species of wood, and type of floor.

Please visit our maintenance page for more tips on how to properly care for your floors and prevent damage from occurring. If damage occurs and repairs are needed, leave it to the professionals at Discover Hardwood Flooring and Design!

Feel free to contact us to discuss possible repairs or refinishing in further detail and take a look at some of our other repair projects below.

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